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7/17 - Recycling Center - open from 9 AM to noon - center closes when dumpsters are full **You must unload your own recyclables - no assistance will be provided**

7/22 - Curbside Recycling


Boonton Township Trivia

Each week we will include a fun fact or historic tidbit about our great hometown


Brainchild of Ellen Dixon and Eleanor Bamford, the concept of a Community Fair Day to raise funds for Riverside Hospital was presented to the Board of Trustees by Marilyn Morfogen (Women’s Auxiliary President) in 1970.

The first FanFair, as it became known, was held June 5, 1971, preceded by a formal dinner dance and specialty auction under the main tent the night before. This community event continued annually on the first weekend of June until 1986, drawing more than 20,000 people each year and raising over $1 million for the hospital.

Enclosed within thousands of feet of snowfence were an Art Tent, Auction, Country Store, Crafts Tent, Entertainment in the Main Tent, Farm Yard, Flea Market, Lane of Shops, Adult Midway, Children’s Midway (with carnival rides), and Food Tents: Clam Bar, Greek Tent, Italian Tent, Taco Tent, Hatties Kitchen, Waffles & Ice Cream, plus the usual hot dogs, hamburgers, French fries and pizza. Sky-divers, military equipment, antique autos, hot air balloon rides, and even a 3 story tall King Kong entertained the crowds. The day long fair ended with a spectacular array of fireworks.

The entire community came together, donating time, goods, equipment, and services to make this one-day fair an eagerly anticipated and well-attended event. Working year round planning, cooking and organizing the fair and dance forged great and long-lasting friendships in Boonton Township and surrounding towns.

Quoting Riverside Hospital publication, Community, Fall 1976:

The spirit that brought Americans together as one nation is still alive and can be seen in the devotion and effort that made FanFair such a success. The hundreds of volunteers, area residents, gave thousands of hours of their time throughout the year to make FanFair what it is.

FanFair is community participation…Fairgoers enjoyed a great variety of international foods as well as an all day auction, art exhibit, rock groups, skydivers, gymnasts and square dancers. Every activity at FanFair is the result of the volunteers’ time and effort. And its success is due to the people who come to the fair each year.

Thanks to Charlie Maraziti for these FanFair memories

If you have any old photos or newspaper articles about Boonton Township that you would like to share please let us know


Highlights from the second week of 2021 Recreation Summer Camp

An exciting morning for our summer campers with a visit from the Morris County Park Police Mounted Unit.

Sgt. Petrocy and Officer Cole brought Guinness to meet our campers.

Then a cool ending to this hot afternoon thanks to Capt. Como and former Deputy Chief Como

who brought BTFD Truck #316 for a wet down.



Boonton Township Committee introduces ordinances to address the State cannabis laws

The Mayor and Township Committee have introduced several ordinances as to the licensing and regulations pertaining to local cannabis operations in response to recently adopted State legislation known as the “New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory, Enforcement Assistance, and Marketplace Modernization Act,” N.J.S.A. 24:6I-31 et seq. (the “Law”), which legalized the sale and recreational use of cannabis by persons age 21 and older.

Why is the Township taking this action at this time?

Under the Law, the State requires municipalities to take official action to adopt ordinances related to certain cannabis business activities by August 21, 2021, or otherwise forfeit the right to zone for and restrict these types of business activities at the local level for five years.

What happens if the Township does not take any action and adopt this ordinance?

While the voters of the State of New Jersey legalized the recreational use of marijuana, the Law requires local governments to act with respect to the various licensing of business, such as cannabis cultivation, manufacturing, wholesale, retail, and distribution. If a municipality fails to do so, the retail sale of cannabis would be automatically allowed as a permitted conditional use in all commercial/retail zones; and the business operations of all cultivation, manufacturing, wholesale, distribution of cannabis will be deemed permitted in all industrial zones within the Township.

Summary of the proposed Township Ordinances

In response to the Law, on June 7, 2021, the Mayor and Township Committee introduced three ordinances which in coordination, prohibit the licensing/operation of cannabis retailers and the licensing and business locations of delivery services throughout the Township. In addition, the Township Committee introduced an ordinance banning licenses and business operations for cannabis cultivation, manufacturing, wholesale and distribution in all locations throughout the Township, except for one concurrent license of each class-type that the State Law has carved-out solely for pre-existing licensed medical alternative treatment centers. If applied for and approved, operations related to the concurrent licensees will only be permitted at the one pre-existing medical cannabis licensed location in operation at 130 Old Denville Road.

Finally, the Township Committee introduced an ordinance which precludes the public delivery and consumption of cannabis at any indoor or outdoor public place or establishment throughout the Township. This includes in any public park, public building, and on any public roadways and businesses open to the public throughout the Township. While recreational consumption is permitted by law, these local ordinances maintain that the delivery, sale and consumption of cannabis is only allowed at private residences.

Complete copies of the ordinances are available at: https://ecode360.com/documents/pub/BO1072/Legislation/?subCategory=(Uncategorized)&year=2021

The following are some frequently asked questions and responses regarding the Township’s proposed ordinances:

QUESTION: Do these ordinances mean that no business can sell cannabis throughout the Township to consumers?

ANSWER: Yes. Businesses are prohibited from selling cannabis items to consumers from storefronts or other business locations in the Township. However, the State Law does not allow municipalities to restrict or prohibit online/telephone sales and delivery services to private residences. Retail sale to consumers is also precluded at the pre-existing licensed medical alternative treatment center site.

QUESTION: Can a business make a land use application for the development of a retail or wholesale business to sell cannabis within the Township?

ANSWER: Such applications cannot legally be approved since this ordinance specifically bans such activity and licensing within the Township.

QUESTION: What is the reasoning in support of permitting a cannabis operation license at the Old Denville Road site?

ANSWER: The site is already legally permitted to conduct a medical cannabis operation in accordance with State licensing laws and is already authorized under the State Law to hold a concurrent cannabis license for cultivation, manufacturing, wholesale and distribution. The operation, as it presently exists, includes medical cannabis cultivation and processing (i.e. manufacturing) for medical use. Permitting the ability of the licensed medical cannabis growing and processing facility to cultivate and process recreational cannabis does not change the existing operations at the facility or the extent of such operations. It does, however, provide for the legal right of the Township to collect user and transfer taxes on the sale of such cannabis of up to 2% at each class type (ie. 2% on gross sales for cultivation, 2% on gross sales for manufacturing, 1% on gross sales for wholesale).

QUESTION: How much revenue would this change in cultivating for recreational use provide to the Township?

ANSWER: Current law does not provide that medical cannabis can be taxed by the Township locally. However, recreational cannabis may be taxed up to 2% of the gross revenues at each class type. Based on some of the preliminary calculations applied to the existing operation at 130 Old Denville Road, it is anticipated that it would result in over $1 million/year to the Township, which would equate to approximately 15% of the Township’s existing budget.

QUESTION: What happens if the Township prohibits recreational licenses to the 130 Old Denville Road site?

ANSWER: The existing operation can continue, and the property owner is not obligated to remit to the Township a use/transfer tax on the gross sales from the operation.

QUESTION: Will the existing cannabis site at 130 Old Denville Road sell the product to businesses or consumers within the Township?

ANSWER: No. The decisions of the Township Committee preclude the cannabis site from distributing cannabis to consumers or businesses in Boonton Township. The taxes that will be assessed are on sales to businesses outside of Boonton Township.

QUESTION: As a result of the proposed ordinances, will I be able to utilize cannabis in a public park?

ANSWER: No. The use of cannabis in a public park or at any other facility, including the facility at 130 Old Denville Road, is prohibited. This ordinance bans public consumption of cannabis throughout the Township, it also bans “cannabis consumption areas,” which would otherwise allow for consumption of cannabis items in certain semi-public locations. It is only legal in your own private residence or within the confines of private lodging locations when permitted by the landlord or private property owner.

QUESTION: There have been concerns regarding the odor emanating from the 130 Old Denville Road location. What impact will this ordinance have on such concerns?

ANSWER: The operations will not change as a result of this ordinance. However, the ordinances increase the restrictions on odor and volatile organic compounds (“VOCs”) based on generally accepted legal and industry standards, including utilizing current emission technology. The Township has been in constant communication with the State of New Jersey Department of Health, the NJDEP and the Township's Health Officer and has hired a scientist to evaluate and monitor emissions at the existing site. In addition, the Township has engaged an independent air quality study to ensure the overall safety of Township residents. Whether the site is producing cannabis for recreation or medical, the same health standards and enforcement will apply. As part of the proposed ordinance, the Township has an opportunity to enhance the air quality standards with respect to the operation in the event of noncompliance.

QUESTION: Will cultivation of recreational cannabis change the existing operation at the site?

ANSWER: No. The existing canopy and structures cannot be enlarged on the property unless the property owner seeks approval from the Planning Board. That is the status of the property today and that is the status of the property whether the site is utilized for recreational or medical use.

QUESTION: What are the tax and financial implications of this ordinance?

ANSWER: Although the permitted operation will not change, the financial aspects for the Township will change. It is estimated that the site will generate for the Township of Boonton, revenue in the amount of $1.2 million per year. That represents nearly 15% of the Township's budget. This financial infusion to the Township, without expansion of an existing site, will provide for tax relief and a potential reduction in the future tax rate of the Township. In order for the Township to generate the type of revenue that this site will be required to pay from their gross sales, it would otherwise require a corporate or industrial ratable in the amount of $51 million. This additional tax revenue will come without any additional infrastructure changes to the site.


Recreation Boot Camp at RVA Fields



Sunday Morning Adult Softball - 10:00 AM- Noon at RVA Fields - All welcome.



Thursday evenings at Leonard Park Bocce Courts @ 5 PM



Tuesday, August 10 at 7:00pm

The Book of Lost Names by Kristin Harmel



BACA Summer Concerts

Grace Lord Park in Boonton



we have plenty of books for your reading pleasure

Don't forget about the Township Book Swap. Stop by the Municipal Building during business hours (8 AM - 4 PM) to select any book(s) of your choice.

We are currently at capacity so we are not accepting any new books.



Weekly Coronavirus Update

The cumulative number of cases as of the start of community transmission in Morris County of COVID-19 in early March 2020 now stands at 508 since July 12th.

For health related information visit the Morris County Public Health website at: https://health.morriscountynj.gov/coronavirus/#cases for up-to-date data and information.

Morris County Vaccine Mega site at Rockaway Townsquare Mall closes today, Friday, July 15th.

Go to https://www.morriscountynj.gov/Residents/Health/Coronavirus to find vaccination sites in Morris County.


Morris County Free COVID-19 Testing

No-Cost In-Person Testing at CCM

Morris County is now offering no-cost, in-person saliva COVID testing at County College of Morris.


Directions and Precautions

Parking at CCM for people with appointments will be reserved in Lot 6, where individuals using public transportation to and from CCM also may board or disembark from a bus. To find directions to CCM and learn more about public transportation options to and from the campus, please go to the CCM website.

Sign Up

Sign up for an in-person testing appointment.

Other Testing Sites

If you have any questions, call our COVID Hotline at 973-829-8250.


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A Message From the Boonton Township Police Department

BTPD Warns Residents About Phone Scams and Computer-Related Frauds:

The Boonton Township Police Department has recently seen an influx of computer-related frauds, thefts, and phone scams. Scammers have figured out countless ways to cheat victims out of their money over the phone. In some scams, the suspects may act friendly and helpful. In most others, they might threaten or try to scare you with legal penalties or consequences. Based on the trends we have seen here in town, the Boonton Township Police Department would like to offer these three vital tips to help prevent yourself from becoming a potential victim:

You won’t be arrested

Scammers often pretend to be law enforcement or an officer of a federal agency. They might say you’ll be arrested, fined, or deported if you don’t pay taxes or some other debt right away. The goal is to scare you into paying. But real law enforcement and federal agencies won’t call and threaten you. In fact, according to "IRS.gov" the IRS will never call you and demand immediate payment. The IRS will almost always contact you by mail if there is an issue. If you are ever in question of the validity of someone claiming to be law enforcement on the telephone, please contact your local police department for assistance.

Never Comply With a Request to Grant Remote Access to Your Computer

No company should ever call you and request to remotely access your computer. Our agency has seen a rise in cases in which scammers convince victims to grant remote access to their computer. Once a scammer has that type of access, they are often able to obtain your personal identifying information, or in some cases even access your personal banking information. There is never a reason why a company would need remote access to any of your electronic devices.

There is NEVER a Reason to Pay With Gift-Cards or Prepaid Cards

Plain and simple, if someone asks you to send payment via gift-cards or prepaid cards, you are being scammed. Scammers will often ask you to pay in a way that makes it hard for you to get your money back. Sometimes scammers request that you wire money, and sometimes they may request you use a money transfer app; but most often they will ask you to provide them with the numbers to a gift card, prepaid card, or cash reload card. Anyone who asks you to pay that way is a scammer. A legitimate company will NEVER ask for payment this way. This is perhaps the most common trend our agency is seeing, and this is the most common way our residents are falling victim to these scams.

If you are ever in question of a telephone call, email, or other communication please contact the Boonton Township Police Department immediately.





This notification system allows residents to receive e-mail, text message, and/or other alerts regarding emergency notifications and other important messages regarding our community. With this program, you can choose to receive alerts by whatever method of communication you prefer.

Visit www.btpolice.org and click on the “emergency notifications” tab on the right side of the page. Follow the instructions to be redirected to the "Alert Boonton Township" registration page. Once redirected, ensure you are on the page for Boonton Township New Jersey and follow the step by step instructions on the web page to create an account and receive emergency alerts for Boonton Township.

"Alert Boonton Township" also automatically signs you up for Smart911 which provides you and your family with a potentially life-saving resource. Smart911 is a free emergency 911 component which helps our emergency dispatchers better assist you during an emergency. This service also allows residents to create a safety profile which can include any information they would like to share with first responders during an emergency.




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