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11/06 - Recycling Center - open from 9 AM to noon - center closes when dumpsters are full

11/08 - Township Committee Meeting - 7 PM

11/09 - Book Club - 7 PM

11/11 - Veterans Day - Municipal Offices Closed

11/11 - Curbside Recycling

11/13 - Rabies Clinic - Noon to 2 PM Public Works Garage


Boonton Township Trivia

Each week we will include a fun fact or historic tidbit about our great hometown

If you have any old photos or newspaper articles about Boonton Township that you would like to share please let us know


Boonton Township Rabies Clinic

Saturday, November 13th at the Municipal Building

Immunization Clinic for Dogs and Cats will be held on Saturday, November 13, 2021, at the Public Works Garage

behind the Municipal Building at 155 Powerville Road

Noon to 2:00 PM

Dogs and Cats

Any questions please call the Dog License Issue Agent at (973) 402-4007.

photo courtesy Morris Focus

For your convenience below is a list of all clinics being held throughout Morris County in November.

Rabies clinics are free and open to all New Jersey residents



If you do not wish to receive a

Vote by Mail ballot

for all future elections,

Ballot Opt-Out Form

is available at





News from our Health Officer

Public Health Nurse Office Hours

Our Public Health Nurse has office hours on Friday mornings from 9:30 AM to 10:30 AM.

The Public Health Nurse serves as a vital resource to our community for health-related referrals such as COVID tests and vaccines or weigh loss management. Blood pressure screenings are done during office hours - no appointment is necessary. Stop by during office hours for more information.



Combating the spotted lantern fly

The township has been proactive in the fight against the invasive lantern fly. Here are several useful links that you can go on to learn more about this invasive pest. There is much more available on the Internet, and we suggest all residents read and learn about the spotted lantern fly.

The past several weeks the township has been using an IPM approach. We have been spraying various tree trunks on town property where the lantern fly has been found. Our DPW supervisor strongly recommends that if you do use the sticky traps to please make sure they are covered properly to avoid killing and harming birds, bats, tree frogs and other useful insects.

Rutgers FAQs: https://njaes.rutgers.edu/spotted-lanternfly/faq.php

NJDofAg: https://www.nj.gov/.../pests-diseases/spotted-lanternfly/


Sunday Morning Adult Softball - 10:00 AM- Noon at RVA Fields - All welcome.


Book Club

Our November meeting will be 11/9/21 at 7 pm in Town Hall to discuss:

Maybe You Should Talk to Someone: A Therapist, Her Therapist, and Our Lives Revealed

by Lori Gottlieb

From a New York Times best-selling author, psychotherapist, and national advice columnist, a hilarious, thought-provoking, and surprising new book that takes us behind the scenes of a therapist's world -- where her patients are looking for answers (and so is she).

One day, Lori Gottlieb is a therapist who helps patients in her Los Angeles practice. The next, a crisis causes her world to come crashing down. Enter Wendell, the quirky but seasoned therapist in whose office she suddenly lands. With his balding head, cardigan, and khakis, he seems to have come straight from Therapist Central Casting. Yet he will turn out to be anything but.

As Gottlieb explores the inner chambers of her patients' lives -- a self-absorbed Hollywood producer, a young newlywed diagnosed with a terminal illness, a senior citizen threatening to end her life on her birthday if nothing gets better, and a twenty-something who can't stop hooking up with the wrong guys -- she finds that the questions they are struggling with are the very ones she is now bringing to Wendell.

With startling wisdom and humor, Gottlieb invites us into her world as both clinician and patient, examining the truths and fictions we tell ourselves and others as we teeter on the tightrope between love and desire, meaning and mortality, guilt and redemption, terror and courage, hope and change.

Maybe You Should Talk to Someone is revolutionary in its candor, offering a deeply personal yet universal tour of our hearts and minds and providing the rarest of gifts: a boldly revealing portrait of what it means to be human, and a disarmingly funny and illuminating account of our own mysterious lives and our power to transform them.



we have plenty of books for your reading pleasure

Don't forget about the Township Book Swap. Stop by the Municipal Building during business hours (8 AM - 4 PM) to select any book(s) of your choice.

We are currently at capacity so we are not accepting any new books.


Weekly Coronavirus Update

The cumulative number of cases as of the start of community transmission in Morris County of COVID-19 in early March 2020 now stands at 563 since October 28th .

For health related information visit the Morris County Public Health website at: https://health.morriscountynj.gov/coronavirus/#cases for up-to-date data and information.

Go to https://www.morriscountynj.gov/Residents/Health/Coronavirus to find vaccination and testing sites in Morris County.

If you have any questions, call the County COVID Hotline at 973-829-8250.


We'd love to include your community organization in our weekly newsletter

If your community organization has information you'd like to share in our weekly newsletter please let us know.

email submissions to: dcabana@boontontownship.com

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In search of old Boonton Township photographs

for display in the Municipal Building

we can certainly arrange to reprint your photograph if you cannot donate it to the Township


A Message From the Boonton Township Police Department

BTPD Reminds Residents to Ensure Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms are Working Properly

With the end of daylight saving time this weekend, the Boonton Township Police Department would like to advise our residents that it is a great reminder to make sure you replace all smoke and carbon monoxide alarm batteries, and test your alarms as well. Since the general recommendation is to test these alarms on a yearly basis, daylight savings time has typically served as a popular reminder to mark the occasion. It is proven that changing smoke and CO alarm batteries at least once a year is an effective way to reduce home fire deaths and CO poisoning. Working smoke alarms can cut the risk of dying in a home fire by nearly one-half by providing an early warning and critical extra seconds to escape. Consider installing a long-life battery powered smoke/CO alarm to avoid yearly battery replacements. Also as a reminder, all of our residents have the option to create a special "Smart-911" safety profile by visiting http://www.btpolice.org/emergency-notifications.html. This program allows residents to provide Boonton Township first-responders critical information that you may want them to know in the event of an emergency. Residents can enter as much or as little information as they like.





This notification system allows residents to receive e-mail, text message, and/or other alerts regarding emergency notifications and other important messages regarding our community. With this program, you can choose to receive alerts by whatever method of communication you prefer.

Visit www.btpolice.org and click on the “emergency notifications” tab on the right side of the page. Follow the instructions to be redirected to the "Alert Boonton Township" registration page. Once redirected, ensure you are on the page for Boonton Township New Jersey and follow the step by step instructions on the web page to create an account and receive emergency alerts for Boonton Township.

"Alert Boonton Township" also automatically signs you up for Smart911 which provides you and your family with a potentially life-saving resource. Smart911 is a free emergency 911 component which helps our emergency dispatchers better assist you during an emergency. This service also allows residents to create a safety profile which can include any information they would like to share with first responders during an emergency.




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