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12/31 - Recycling Center - open from 9 AM to noon - center closes when dumpsters are full

12/31 - Municipal Offices Closed (New Year's Day observed)

1/1 - New Year's Day

1/3 - Township Reorganization Meeting - 7 PM

1/3 - Planning Board - 7:30 PM

1/6 - Curbside Recycling


Boonton Township Trivia

Each week we will include a fun fact or historic tidbit about our great hometown

Township Reorganization 100 years ago

Monday, January 2, 1922

The municipal budget was $5,485.55 in 1922 and the Township's population was 684 (1920 census)

F. J. Morgan was elected as Chairman of the Township Committee (Mayor). He served in that capacity from 1921 to 1924.

Township officials such as the Township Clerk, Master of Chancery, Treasurer, Overseer of the Poor, Township Counsel and Tax Collector were also appointed and sworn.

If you have any old photos or newspaper articles about Boonton Township that you would like to share please let us know


Happy New Year!!

from the Township Committee

and Staff


Municipal Building will be closed for New Year's Day

Friday, December 31


Township Reorganization Meeting

Monday, January 3, 2022

7:00 PM


Holiday Recycling Schedule

Recycling Depot

Friday, December 31

Curbside Recycling

Thursday, January 6


2022 Recycling Schedule

save for future reference

Beginning in 2022

shredded paper and pizza boxes

will no longer be accepted

at either the

Recycling Depot or Curbside Pick-up




water and sewer bills are due by

December 30, 2021

(offices closed December 31st)


News from our Health Officer

Public Health Nurse Office Hours

Our Public Health Nurse office hours are cancelled until further notice. If you would like to confer with our nurse, Cindie Bella, RN, BSN, REHS, MAS,

she can be contacted at

973-631-5491 or cbella@co.morris.nj.us

The Public Health Nurse serves as a vital resource to our community for health-related referrals such as COVID tests and vaccines or weigh loss management. Blood pressure screenings are done during office hours - no appointment is necessary. Stop by during office hours for more information.

Weekly Coronavirus Update

The cumulative number of cases as of the start of community transmission in Morris County of COVID-19 in early March 2020 now stands at 681 since December 30th.

For health related information visit the Morris County Public Health website at: https://health.morriscountynj.gov/coronavirus/#cases for up-to-date data and information.

Go to https://www.morriscountynj.gov/Residents/Health/Coronavirus to find vaccination and testing sites in Morris County.

If you have any questions, call the County COVID Hotline at 973-829-8250.


2022 Town Planner is available in the Municipal Building during regular business hours

one per family please


We'd love to include your community organization in our weekly newsletter

If your community organization has information you'd like to share in our weekly newsletter please let us know.

email submissions to: dcabana@boontontownship.com

media must be in jpeg form


In search of old Boonton Township photographs

for display in the Municipal Building

we can certainly arrange to reprint your photograph if you cannot donate it to the Township


A Message From the Boonton Township Police Department

Celebrating The New Year Safely

As another calendar year comes to an end and we welcome in 2022, we would like to take this opportunity to provide some practical safety tips to ensure that the New Year is as safe and peaceful as possible for all of our Township residents. With the winter season fully underway, we typically experience a rise in travel and vacations, as well as hazardous road conditions and poor weather this time of year. Keeping all of these factors in mind, it is truly important to take general precautions and safety measures this time each year.

During the winter season one of our main concerns lies with our motorists; this is especially true with our teen drivers. With most of our high school and college students home for their winter break, we typically see a rise in traffic crashes amongst our younger drivers this time each year. Some of these teens are just driving for the first time, and we can't stress enough how important it is for them to acquire their experience behind the wheel under low risk conditions. Hazardous road conditions combined with factors such as, excessive amounts of passengers in the vehicles, inexperience, distractions, and driving late at night is truly a recipe for disaster. We would like to remind our youth to make safe and responsible decisions during this rather busy time of the year. We also need to stress to parents that they also have a vital role in regards to keeping our children safe during the winter season. Parties and celebrations have become a routine occurrence as we ring in the New Year. It should go without saying that underage consumption of alcohol is illegal, and we would like to remind parents of the criminal and civil liability associated with hosting underage drinking parties.

We also want to again remind our residents to take steps to ensure the safety of their homes and valuables all throughout the winter. As weather conditions deteriorate and residents feel the need for a quick getaway, vacations become a popular solution. Unfortunately, criminals are aware of this as well. We can’t stress enough how important it is to engage in general safety practices to deter potential burglars during this time of the year. Locking your doors, turning on your motion sensor lights, and activating your burglar alarms should be a priority. It is also a good practice to keep the appearance that your home is occupied when you are away. Leave a car in the driveway, leave lights on, don't let excessive amounts of uncollected mail pile up, and let a trusted neighbor know about your travel plans. Homes which appear to be vacant and unoccupied are typically targeted more by burglars. And most importantly, if you see something, say something! Most of the time your initial instincts are right, and if something seems out of the ordinary it probably is. Our officers would much rather respond to a “false alarm” than to not be notified at all. It is important to be a good neighbor and keep a watchful eye over your neighborhoods. We also remind our residents that they can notify the police department when their house will be empty for any period of time. The vacant house form can be located in the lobby of our police department or on our website at www.btpolice.org. This form lets us know when your house will be empty, and our officers will conduct periodic property checks of the residence while you are away. For those of you that are not retreating to warmer weather, please try to keep your driveways and outdoor stairways free of snow and ice so that our officers can assist you more easily in the event of an emergency. We also urge our residents to check on their elderly neighbors from time to time, and please let us know if they require any extra assistance.

We hope that 2022 is a safe, healthy and happy year for all of our residents here in Boonton Township. If we can ever be of assistance please do not hesitate to contact us, or stop by the department and see us. We are happy to discuss any questions or concerns you may have about our community. The Boonton Township Police Department is proud to serve the residents of this great community, and we are looking forward to a safe and successful New Year.





This notification system allows residents to receive e-mail, text message, and/or other alerts regarding emergency notifications and other important messages regarding our community. With this program, you can choose to receive alerts by whatever method of communication you prefer.

Visit www.btpolice.org and click on the “emergency notifications” tab on the right side of the page. Follow the instructions to be redirected to the "Alert Boonton Township" registration page. Once redirected, ensure you are on the page for Boonton Township New Jersey and follow the step by step instructions on the web page to create an account and receive emergency alerts for Boonton Township.

"Alert Boonton Township" also automatically signs you up for Smart911 which provides you and your family with a potentially life-saving resource. Smart911 is a free emergency 911 component which helps our emergency dispatchers better assist you during an emergency. This service also allows residents to create a safety profile which can include any information they would like to share with first responders during an emergency.




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