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5/14 - Township-Wide Garage Sales

5/14 - PBA Fishing Derby - Leonard Park - 8 AM

5/14 - Rockaway Valley Garden Club Plant Sale - 8 AM to 12 noon

5/18 - Board of Education Meeting - 7:30 PM

5/21 - Recycling Depot - 9 AM to Noon

5/26 - Curbside Recycling


Boonton Township Trivia

Each week we will include a fun fact or historic tidbit about our great hometown

If you have any old photos or newspaper articles about Boonton Township that you would like to share please let us know


PBA Fishing Derby

Saturday 8 AM

Leonard Park


Boonton Township Recreation

Spring Clean-Up Sale

Township Wide Garage Sale

Saturday May 14th

8:00 am-2:00 pm

Driving directions starting from Town Hall, 155 Powerville Road

65 Elcock Avenue: Right on Powerville Rd., right on Elcock Ave.

6 Sheridan Lane: Right on Powerville Rd., right on Elcock, right on Sheridan Ln.

6 DeCamp Drive: Left on Powerville Rd., left on DeCamp Dr.

23 DeCamp Drive

1 Scott Road: Left on Powerville Rd., left on DeCamp Dr., left on Scott Rd.

91 Rockaway Drive: Left on Powerville Rd., left on Rockaway Dr.

7 South Rockaway Drive: Left on Powerville Rd., right on S. Rockaway Dr.

10 Pepperidge Road: Left on Powerville Rd., right on Oak Road, left on Kingsland Rd., right on Southfield Rd, left on Pepperidge Rd.

14 Pepperidge Road

11 Kymberly Drive: Left on Powerville Rd., right on Oak Rd. right on Daniels Rd. left on Mtn Run, right on Kymberly Dr.

4 Glenbourne Drive: Left on Powerville Rd., left on Glenbourne Dr.

8 Glenbourne Drive

21 James Road: Left on Powerville Rd., right on James Rd.

23 Miller Drive: Left on Powerville Rd., left on Valley, left on Rockaway Valley Rd., right on Farber Hill Rd., left on Miller Dr.

1 Twin Hills Road: Left on Powerville, left on Valley, left on Rockaway Valley Rd., right on Farber Hill Rd., right on Twin Hills Rd.

66 Hillcrest Road: Left on Powerville Rd., left on Valley, right on Rockaway Valley Rd., left on Hillcrest Rd.

3 Bayer Lane: Left on Powerville Rd., left on Valley, right on Rockaway Valley Rd., left on Hillcrest Rd, right on Bayer Ln.

337 Powerville Road: Left on Powerville Rd.

367 Powerville Road: Left on Powerville Rd.

16 Devon Road: Left on Powerville Rd., right on Devon Rd.


Boonton Township Road Sign Auction

The Department of Public Works has been busy replacing our townships road name signs. The old signs are being auctioned off to residents. There will be an online auction from May 6th to May 13th. Please click on the link to make a bid.


Bids must start at $25. This is a fundraiser for the Boonton Township Picnic and Firework Celebration on July 23rd.

Pick up and payment will be on Saturday, May 21st at Town Hall from 9:00-10:00am. You will be contacted if you are the highest bidder and win the sign!

Signs are auctioned in as-is condition - some may not be in the best condition. In the case of multiple bids, the highest bidder gets first selection.

Some of the signs have already been recycled. Below is a list of available signs.

Audubon Tr. Berton Rd. Boonton Ave. Boulder Ct. Briarcliff Ln. Bristol Ct. Brookstone Dr. -2 Catherine Ct. Canterbury Rd. Cairn Ct. Cedar Ct. Cliffside Way Cornelia St. Crestfield Rd. Cresthill Dr. Daniels Rd. DeCamp Dr. -2 Decker Ln. Devon Rd. Drake Ct. -2 Deer Tr. Eagle Rock Dr.

East Glen Rd. Elizabeth Way Elcock Ave. -2 Estler Ln. Farber Hill Rd. Fernhollow Rd. -2 Forest Rd. Glen Gate-2 Glenbourne Dr. Hastings Ln. Hillcrest Rd. James Rd. Janet Rd. Jefferson Ave. Julia Ct. Kent Ave. Kimberly Dr. Kincaid Rd. King St. Kingsland Rd. -2 Knollwood Rd.

Maple Dr. Meridan Rd. Meyer Farm Rd. Mountain Run New Rd. North Rd. N. Glen Rd. Old Denville Rd. -2 Old Timber Tr. Park Rd. Peachtree Rd. Pepperidge Rd. Pineview Ln. Powerville Road -5 Penny Ln. Pheasant Rn. Pond Hill Dr. Quail Run Renken Ct. River Rd. Riverview Dr.

Rock Ln. Rockaway Valley Road -4 Rockridge Rd. Sheridan Ln. Spruce Ct. S. Rockaway Dr. Southfield Rd. Southview Rd. Stone Rd. Summit Dr. Sunrise Rd.-2 Sylvan Ln. Twin Hills Dr. Valley Rd.-2 Washington Ave. Wayside Ln. Wetmore Dr. -2 West Rd. West Hill Rd. Whispering Pine Rd.

Wiltshire Dr. Wood Ln. Wyndham Ct.


Plant Sale this Saturday


Sunday Morning Adult Softball

10:00 AM- Noon at RVA Fields

All welcome


Rockaway Valley Garden Club

The Rockaway Valley Garden Club generally meets the 2nd Tuesday of each Month.

Meetings begin at 10: 00 am and are held at the Boonton Township Municipal Building, 155 Powerville Rd.

Guest are always welcome, and we encourage you to come join us to see what we are all about.

Check us out at our website: www.RockawayValleyGardenClub.org or on our Facebook page.

Any questions can be sent to our email address: info@rockawayvalleygardenclub.org




weather permitting


all are welcome to join us


from the Boonton Township Fire Department

be sure to check the batteries in your smoke detectors


When looking at the two photos above, most children agree: the native plant lawn on the right is a more attractive yard. So, when did the sweeping green of grass lawns become the American standard?

History indicates grass lawns were originally only kept by the wealthy in England with its purpose to see oncoming visitors. These lawns were tended by the sheep, cows, and horses that kept them short. Up until the 1800’s, people would purposely pull grass out of their lawn space to make room for useful “weeds” like chickweed and chamomile. But with the invention of the lawnmower in 1830, the average homeowner could now emulate the expansive lawns of the wealthy. The grass lawn trend gained traction with the growing suburbanization of America. City ordinances now required a certain distance between the street and house thereby creating space for the modern lawn.

So began the conforming notion that the 1” inch tall version of one plant is the only way to a beautiful lawn. But with this notion comes a big cost not only to our paychecks but to the environment at large. Maintaining a grass lawn removes natural habitat for pollinators and dumps ten times the amount of synthetic chemicals per acre. These pesticides are known endocrine disrupters and carcinogens. Pesticide overuse has killed hundreds of thousands of pollinating insects and is harmful to all life.

Because pollinators co-evolved with their natural surroundings, native plants provide the best source of food for them, as well as nesting material, and cover from predators. By incorporating native plants in your yard, you can offer a haven for pollinators, and in turn be rewarded with a bounty of flowers, fruits, and seeds. About 35% of the world’s food crops and 75% of all flowering plants need pollinators to reproduce. Without pollinators, these plants would not survive, and neither would we!

To search for plants that will attract specific pollinators to your yard, visit Rutger’s “Protecting Bees” website. You can search for pollinator plants by zip code and conditions in your yard.

Our very own Rockaway Valley Garden Club (RVGC) encourages the use of native plants in our yards and is a wealth of knowledge on the subject. They host an annual plant sale that will take place this year on May 14, 2022 at noon behind the Boonton Township Municipal Building. Native plants offered for sale include trees, shrubs, and wildflowers. All proceeds support the conservation and educational efforts of the RVGC.

Let’s BEE the change by planting a variety of native plants and eliminating pesticide use. You can do your part in providing much-needed healthy habitats for pollinators and help reverse the decline in their populations.

“To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow”

~ Audrey Hepburn


News from our Health Officer

Public Health Nurse Office Hours

Our Public Health Nurse office hours are generally on Friday mornings from 9AM to 10AM. If you would like to confer with our nurse, Cindie Bella, RN, BSN, REHS, MAS,

she can be contacted at

973-631-5491 or cbella@co.morris.nj.us

The Public Health Nurse serves as a vital resource to our community for health-related referrals such as COVID tests and vaccines or weigh loss management.

Blood pressure screenings are done during office hours - no appointment is necessary.

Good idea to call beforehand to verify hours for the week. Stop by during office hours for more information.

Weekly Coronavirus Update

The cumulative number of cases in Boonton Township as of the start of community transmission in Morris County of COVID-19 in early March 2020 now stands at 955 since May 12, 2022.

For health related information visit the Morris County Public Health website at: https://health.morriscountynj.gov/coronavirus/#cases for up-to-date data and information.

Go to https://www.morriscountynj.gov/Residents/Health/Coronavirus to find vaccination and testing sites in Morris County.

If you have any questions, call the County COVID Hotline at 973-829-8250.



Boonton Township Recreation

Summer Recreation Camp 2022

Six Weeks: July 5th - August 12th - $125 Per Week

Week of July 5th - July 8th $100 (No camp July 4th)

Monday to Friday 9:00am-12:00pm Held at RVS

Fun Fridays at RVA Fields

Spots are limited. Please do not wait to sign-up.

Out of town residents may sign up for $150 per week.

Camp will be held in large open areas: gyms, playground, field and Leonard Park.

Campers must bring their own snacks and water bottles.

Social distancing guidelines will be followed.

Small grade level groups will rotate to various stations.

Offered to children entering Kindergarten-Fifth Grade

Preschool Camp- Ages 3 and 4 (Must be potty trained)

Sport Camp- Grades 4th and 6th

Please complete the attached registration form along with the COVID Acknowledgement Form.

All camps are on one registration form this year.

Please submit the forms for each camper and make checks payable to: Boonton Township Recreation. Forms can be mailed to: Boonton Township Recreation, 155 Powerville Road, Boonton Township, NJ 07005.

You will receive additional information upon receipt of your application.

Any questions contact Kristin Groeneveld at: recdirector@boontontownship.com or 973-946-9914


Book Club

Monthly meetings on the second Tuesday of every month at 7pm in Town Hall.

Our June meeting will be held June 14 at 7pm in Town Hall to discuss Once There Were Wolves.

Once There Were Wolves

Open Preview

Once There Were Wolves


Charlotte McConaghy (Goodreads Author)

4.19 · Rating details · 36,702 ratings · 5,461 reviews

From the author of the beloved national bestseller Migrations, a pulse-pounding new novel set in the wild Scottish Highlands.

Inti Flynn arrives in Scotland with her twin sister, Aggie, to lead a team of biologists tasked with reintroducing fourteen gray wolves into the remote Highlands. She hopes to heal not only the dying landscape, but Aggie, too, unmade by the terrible secrets that drove the sisters out of Alaska.

Inti is not the woman she once was, either, changed by the harm she’s witnessed—inflicted by humans on both the wild and each other. Yet as the wolves surprise everyone by thriving, Inti begins to let her guard down, even opening herself up to the possibility of love. But when a farmer is found dead, Inti knows where the town will lay blame. Unable to accept her wolves could be responsible, Inti makes a reckless decision to protect them. But if the wolves didn’t make the kill, then who did? And what will Inti do when the man she is falling for seems to be the prime suspect?

Propulsive and spell-binding, Charlotte McConaghy's Once There Were Wolves is the unforgettable story of a woman desperate to save the creatures she loves—if she isn’t consumed by a wild that was once her refuge.




In search of old Boonton Township photographs

for display in the Municipal Building

we can certainly arrange to reprint your photograph if you cannot donate it to the Township


A Message From the Boonton Township Police Department





This notification system allows residents to receive e-mail, text message, and/or other alerts regarding emergency notifications and other important messages regarding our community. With this program, you can choose to receive alerts by whatever method of communication you prefer.

Visit www.btpolice.org and click on the “emergency notifications” tab on the right side of the page. Follow the instructions to be redirected to the "Alert Boonton Township" registration page. Once redirected, ensure you are on the page for Boonton Township New Jersey and follow the step by step instructions on the web page to create an account and receive emergency alerts for Boonton Township.

"Alert Boonton Township" also automatically signs you up for Smart911 which provides you and your family with a potentially life-saving resource. Smart911 is a free emergency 911 component which helps our emergency dispatchers better assist you during an emergency. This service also allows residents to create a safety profile which can include any information they would like to share with first responders during an emergency.




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